your expert team of coaches

Gina 'HalfWolf' Aversa is a World Record Holding Powerlifter, certified trainer and strength coach. She has extensive experience in the fitness field, starting out as a college sprinter and pole vaulter, and moving onto helping others in their pursuit of strength. Her accomplishments in powerlifting include a 490lbs Squat, 242lbs Bench, and 557lbs Deadlift, ranking her third All-Time in her weight class.

Scott Brewer is a Marine Corps Veteran and a Florida based athletic performance coach who's trained a variety of athletes ranging from high school to the professional level. Scott is an experienced Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms), Elite Powerlifter, and extreme endurance athlete. Unlocking and expanding human potential is his passion. 


Brian Costello founded CrossFit Long Island in 2009 and was the owner and head coach for 7 years before moving on in 2016.  He was the first CF-L3 on Long Island and has written programming for his affiliate and many others throughout the time.  Since then, Brian has launched Fourtress Health and Performance, a private clinic on Long Island. He is also the host of Fourtress Radio, an podcast project exploring human advancement.