What is Included?

Condition One Training includes 6 daily programs in one monthly membership.
Leave your excuses at the door, join now to build your "Never Quit" mentality.

Wondering if Condition 1 is right for you?  Here is a breakdown of our 6 programs and what you need to know:
Condition One is a functional intensity program 

 Condition 1 is a "Functional Intensity" program for athletes looking to increase work capacity across multiple disciplines - strength, speed, power, endurance, and stamina. It has foundational roots similar to CrossFit, at least the way it was originally attended.  

With Condition 1 we place less emphasis on highly technically skills that are seen in high-level and more emphasis on functionality and intensity needed by all of us.  Running, jumping, climbing, pushing, pulling, carrying - these are the principles we live by.  But that doesn't mean there is no skill involved, you can expect to see various barbell movements and basic gymnastics skills incorporated throughout each week, with time set aside to properly develop and implement these skills.

One thing that allows us to stand out among the rest is the strategic programming of movements to bring you just past your limits each day, challenging you and creating adaption.  This is done with precision and care, not with a mindless beat-down session each day like seen much too often in the industry.  The workouts are tough, of course, but simple and effective allowing you to be back in the gym the next day for more.  The volume is enough to build you up but not break you down, and remember the workouts are always as hard as you make them.

Ideal for anyone interested in increasing their endurance/conditioning, becoming a better athlete, fat loss, and overall health. Condition One's goal is to make athletes who are faster, leaner, and stronger. 

Push hard, don't quit, and remember to have fun.  

Condition Two is modified to meet the needs of intermediate athletes as they work towards Condition One capabilities.

For those that are new to this style of training, Condition 2 has you covered.  Each day of Con1 programming comes with modifications and scaling options when needed, and they are listed right on the same page as Condition 2.  Sometimes you may need to throttle back to Condition 2 for the day, sometimes you will mix and match to make it work for you.  Either way, scaling back some higher skilled movements and weights does not mean you are getting away with anything.  The Con2 workouts are still equally as challenging and help you build the base of work capacity and skills to help bring you up to Condition 1. 

Condition Three is a Bodyweight/Calisthenics Program

Don't have access to a gym, want to get a workout in from home, or traveling? Leave your excuses at the door because Condition 3 is a bodyweight/minimal equipment only program that can be completed almost anywhere. Designed for those who are on the go, this 6 day a week high intensity training program was created to be completed with minimal equipment in 15-30 minutes or less. Sometimes life happens, and you don't have time to get a full workout in and just need to get after it with what you have. Condition 3 aims to build functional strength, speed, and endurance by utilizing exercises like sprints, pull-ups, burpees, squat jumps, and a variety of other bodyweight movements. The most you'll need to complete this program is a pull-up bar and a light resistance band. So get up, get out, and move! #NeverQuit

Condition Four is a Functional Mobility Program

Here at C1, we understand that how you move plays a huge role in how your perform, which is why we offer Condition 4 - a foundational training program for all levels of fitness, aimed at developing and improving functional mobility. In this program, you will learn to create, expand, and control ranges of motion through scientific based principles. Improving joint health, longevity and functionality is foundational to all athletes regardless of sport. 5 days/wk you will receive a 15-30 minute body part focused training video to guide you to improved functionality and performance. These classes will be instructional in nature, while still maintaining a class-like atmosphere. Each training session will be unique and emphasize a specific area of the body and can be revisited at anytime. Additional bonus content will be added periodically for the subscriber. This program is led by Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, Scott Brewer.

Extreme Conditioning is an advanced weekly workout/challenge

This program is an advanced once a week training session/challenge designed to test your strength, endurance, and mental resiliency. This program is not for the faint of heart and will challenge you right down to the very essence of your soul. This isn't just about the physical aspects of what you bring to the table. Extreme Conditioning will test and build your mental resiliency and willpower to endure and embrace the suck. Ideal for anyone interested in pushing themselves past any mental barriers they've built up or if you want an extra calorie burner. Are you interested in fat loss but the scale won't seem to move? Simply adding in our Extreme Conditioning could be just the push you need in order to get over your plateau. To participate in this program, you will need access to the typical equipment you'd find in a Crossfit Box. Items like Sleds, Tires, Yokes, Wheel Barrows, etc... The typical training challenge can range from 45 minutes to 2+ hours. Extreme Conditioning is where you go to overcome adversity in order to start callousing the mind!

Powerlifting is a strength based program

If you're interested in being a well rounded athlete, strength training is essential. Powerlifting is our strength based program, focused on maximizing your capabilities in the Big Three (Squat, Bench, Deadlift). Ideal for anyone interested in gaining muscle, getting stronger, and pushing their limits on how much they can lift. Our powerlifting programming is 5x a week, including 1 squat day, 2 deadlift days, and 2 bench days. This program will require you to have access to a barbell and dumbbells. Occasionally machines are prescribed in the accessory section, but can be easily swapped out for different dumbbell work. This program is led by our world-record powerlifting coach, Gina Aversa.

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How it Works:

Signing up gives you access to all 6 programs. You can choose to follow one, multiple at the same time, or switch between programs as you go! Each program is available to view at 9pm PST the night before it is to be completed. Check out our app for easy access to your daily programming directly on your phone!